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My projects.

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🖋️ Yours, Kewbish

My personal blog. Features a collection of tech-related tutorials, articles, and personal stories. ~105k words written so far.


🔬 Primality Testing

Worked on an inquiry project on probabilistic primality testing and the analysis of a probabilistic AKS variant. Supervised by Ms. Pressiana Marinova, B.A Mathematics Cambridge.


🌊 DiveIntoHT.ML

An interactive short course designed to teach the basics of web design. Accumulated ~400 users, recommended by several CS teachers.


⚛️ Matter

A minimalist RSS reader and bookmarking tool, built with vanilla JS and GitHub integrations. Meant as a personal replacement for clunky readers.


💸 Revshare.js

A lightweight Javascript library to bring easy revenue-sharing capabilities to any site. Won the Grant For The Web Hackathon grand prize.


💵 Revshare for GitHub

A Chrome extension, bringing Web Monetization technologies to GitHub. Allows creators of any repo and its dependencies to receive revenue through the Web Monetization API.


🗽 Liberty

A Terminal User Interface built to bring the Leitner box space repetition technique to the terminal. Implements a text-based SRS system with open-ended question features.


🎮 rack8

A Chip-8 emulator in Racket. A toy project for me to learn the basics of emulator development and Racket.


My talks:

🧠 Augment Minds 2021

An (un)conference on advancing technologies in the tools for thought space, and delightful innovations in HCI for complementing thought. Delivered a lightning talk on a plaintext Zettelkasten system and my toolkit of choice: Vim, FZF, RipGrep, and Ctags. (Link to talk)

I use:

Python - Flask, Click, Kivy ∘ JS - Vue.js, React.js, Node.js ∘ Web - HTML/CSS, Bulma, Hugo ∘ DBs - SQLite, MongoDB, Firebase ∘ Misc. - C, Unity + C#, Vim + Vimscript