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Hey - it's Emilie.

You probably know me as Kewbish, somewhere on the web. I'm a student software developer, passionate about the web - including the frontend, backend, and everything in between.

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Experience and Awards

🏆 Google Code-in
Dec. 2019
In 2019, I was a Google Code-in winner, under Liquid Galaxy. For two months, I completed many open source tasks, and eventually won this worldwide competition. I’m one of Canada’s ten winners to date and the youngest Canadian winner. As well: I was the youngest winner in 2019. Pretty cool.

🌎 Liquid Galaxy
Since Feb. 2020
Intern at Liquid Galaxy, a Google-backed open source organization focused on interactive, immersive geographical displays. There, I develop documentation, webinar screencasts, and various other media, such as blog posts and installation tutorials. During summer 2020, I acted as a trainee mentor in several GSoC projects, as well as testing them. I’ve also been a part of the monthly GCIers podcast - go check it out!

🐋 vhHacks
Since Sept. 2020
Team member at vhHacks, the Vancouver High School Hackathon Association. I haven’t been a part of this team for long, but I’m currently helping to make little changes to the site and helping organize our Learn Day 1, where I’ll be working with the Flask Workshop.

💸 Grant For The Web Hackathon Winner
May - Jun. 2020
Won the Grant For The Web Hackathon under the category Creative Catalysts, hosted by Dev.to, Mozilla, Coil, and Creative Commons. Created a revenue-sharing library from vanilla JS.

🍁 Canada Learning Code
Oct. 2019 - Jun. 2020
Teen Ambassador at Canada Learning Code, a national organization reaching out to bring tech to women, girls, LGBTQ+ members, and focusing on making tech inclusive to all. There, I participate in team-building leadership activities, and organize meetups.

📚 Vancouver Public Library
Since Sept. 2018
Teen Advisory Member at the Vancouver Public Library, the local library serving Vancouver community members. There, I work to organize youth events, purchase youth books, provide feedback on programs, and attend monthly youth meetings. As well, I review teen literature under the Teens Read it First program.

Currently studying at

The University Transition Program is a radically accelerated environment with the goal of early entrance into university - specifically UBC.
I'm currently in the second year of the program, and am entering UBC at age 15.

There, I:

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