is an Ethereum-based tool to make learning and earning on the blockchain easier. Support other teen creators and get paid for your projects and work.

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  • - 0.00001 ETH/h
  • - blocked
  • - 0.0002 ETH/h

Cobweb lets you stream micropayments from your browser to your favourite teen creators. For creators, this means you can add a single tag on your work to get paid. For fans, this means you can automatically support other teen creators by streaming tips in the background.

Cobweb is affordable and user-controlled too, unlike pricy direct subscriptions. Users can choose to allow web monetization for one visit to unlock exclusive content just once. Cobweb helps shift from a passive web browsing experience to a creative, community-focused one.

As a plus, you'll earn your first Ethereum tokens, and learn to interact directly with the blockchain.

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Cobweb is a free Chrome extension available here. FireFox and other browsers may not be fully supported. Issues and pull requests are welcome.


Cobweb is MIT-licensed and fully open source - the source is available on GitHub should you wish to build from source. The checksum of the current version is 82d7386b81f8447c07766294884626a35b38b38a679238158b75969726fd97b0.

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To enable Cobweb monetization on your site, download Cobweb and click on the Account page. Then copy and paste your Cobweb tag on any videos, posts, or content you create!

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why cobweb?

Teens today have grown up in a world of endless content and possibility. We've witnessed the rise of the Internet, and have experienced first-hand how passive and addictive scrolling down social media can be. Cobweb aims to incentivize teens to create more and to allow teens to be compensated for their creativity.

As well, teens looking to explore the vast world of decentralized technology like blockchain or Web3 DApps are often limited because of age or geographical restrictions. Cobweb helps teens get jump-started with the blockchain by granting them a base amount of crypto and empowering them to earn real tokens in real time.

For more technical differences, see Cobweb's docs.

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Ethereum, MetaMask, and Web Monetization logos.

how it works

Cobweb scans websites you visit for a Web Monetization tag.

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Cobweb connects to your Metamask account to ask for permissions.

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Cobweb initiates a payment stream of fractions of a cent with Superfluid.

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Payments stream directly to an Ethereum address, no middleman.

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