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On reducing dimensions and preserving semantics. (26 November 2023)

Highlighting Text in Vim

On highlighting (the Sharpie and Hi-Liter kind). (07 August 2023)

Everything I Know About Stacked PRs

On a summer of shipping in stacks. (11 June 2023)


5278 words - 2 posts.

The Secret Garden

On public and private thought cultivation. (30 January 2022)

Time in Writing

On the role of time in iterative writing. (16 January 2022)


28346 words - 12 posts.

Least Common Denominators

On an atomicized software culture. (19 December 2021)

Metadata and You

On metadata, its dimensions, and its impacts. (14 November 2021)

Starting Anki

On proper SRS, GTK hacks, and the Leitner system. (31 October 2021)

More Linux Tweaks

On troubleshooting many Linux-related issues. (03 October 2021)

A Plaintext Zettelkasten

On speaking at Augment Minds 2021 and my notetaking system. (15 August 2021)

Software as Containers

On browsers, terminals, and the boxing principle. (26 July 2021)

XFCE Monitor + Bluetooth Setup

On my workarounds for my laptop setup. (11 July 2021)

Dimensional Writing

On outlining and non-linear work. (16 May 2021)

Problem Solving

On an ideal substrate for problem solving. (25 April 2021)

Towards Web Monetization

On speculations about the future of WM. (07 March 2021)


On extending and making personal tools. (24 January 2021)

RSS, bookmarks, & Nitter

On centralizing media consumption. (10 January 2021)


22119 words - 14 posts.


On Wikipedia rabbit holes and clickchains. (20 December 2020)

A Continuation of rack8

On Racket and Chip-8, part 2. (29 November 2020)

Git and iOS

On crossplatform repo editing. (22 November 2020)

Racket and Chip-8

On contemplating opcodes. (15 November 2020)

Spaced Repetition in Vim

On active learning combined with Vim. (25 October 2020)

Creating a Vim plugin

On playing with a little Vimscript. (27 September 2020)

Webdev in Vim

On Vim for web development. (20 September 2020)

Vim Colourschemes

On my decision to go monochrome. (13 September 2020)

A Manjaro Installation

On my shiny new dual-boot system. (06 September 2020)

Automating READMEs

On my tinkering with automation. (02 August 2020)

Reinstalling Windows

On my experience fixing my blankscreen errors. (14 June 2020)

Conversational Notetaking

On my Zettelkasten derivative system. (07 June 2020)

Why I haven't gone to Linux

On why I'm still with Windows (for now) (11 April 2020)


On migrating to a static site generator. (21 February 2020)

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